Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication & Assemblies

Eagle industries is an ISO 9001-2015 registered, full service precision metal fabricator specializing in contract manufacturing of aluminum, steel and stainless steel. 

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Eagle Industries offers precision sheet metal fabrication to further enhance our precision metal stamping capabilities.  We have the experience and expertise to produce small metal cabinets, chassis and countless other flat and formed precison sheet metal parts accurately and on time.  We will  provide competitive prices from prototype to production volume on your sheet metal fabrication and forming metal needs.

We assemble sheet metal parts and do projects others wont touch.  Superior engineering and maximum efficiencies allow Eagle Industries to provide complete value added sheet metal fabrication and assemblies.

Our wide range of assembly services offer our customers options they wont find anywhere else, a level satisfaction that has put Eagle Industries at the forefront of the industry for sheet metal fabrication and assemblies.  All our finishing and assembly work including hardware insertion, welding and spot welding is done with the same attentions to detail, follow-through and efficiency we apply to the products we manufacture.

We manufacture precision sheet metal fabrications and assemblies in compliance with the customer's design.